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AutumnGold offers a variety of beginning and advanced training classes for dogs and their people using training methods that are positive, easy to learn, and fun for everyone! Group classes are held in our indoor, fully-matted, clean, heated and air-conditioned facility.

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AutumnGold’s owner, Linda Case, is the author of eight books. Her most recent is "Dog Smart: Evidence-based Training with the Science Dog" (2018)." Other recent books include “Beware the Straw Man: The Science Dog Examines Dog Training Fact and Fiction” (2015) and Dog Food Logic: Making Smart Decisions for Your Dog in an Age of Too Many Choices" (2014).

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The Science Dog

Linda Case's blog, “The Science Dog” scrutinizes commonly held beliefs (and myths) about dog behavior, training, nutrition and health. Each timely essay explores a question posed by leading canine scientists and provides an entertaining and thought-provoking review of their findings. The Science Dog has something for everyone who loves dogs and enjoys learning more about our canine best friends.

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