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By Linda Case at AutumnGold

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 Online Courses

The Science Dog by Linda Case offers a variety of online courses and webinars.  The core offering is a Masters certificate in Canine Nutrition, comprised of three courses: Basics of Canine Nutrition, Puppies to Seniors: Feeding Dogs through the Life Cycle, and Dog Food Smarts.  For more information about online courses, click on Learn More, below.    

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The Science Dog Blog

Linda Case's blog, “The Science Dog” scrutinizes commonly held beliefs (and myths) about dog behavior, training, nutrition and health. Each timely essay explores a question posed by leading canine scientists and provides an entertaining and thought-provoking review of their findings. The Science Dog has something for everyone who loves dogs and enjoys learning more about our canine best friends.

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 Live Classes 

The AutumnGold Dog Training School has closed after 35 years!  We want to thank all of the people who brought their dogs and trained with us over the decades.  It was a wonderful  experience that we will always look back on fondly.    Thank you also to our instructors, who made it all possible.   

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