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We regret that AutumnGold is closed for the reminder of 2020 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Please check back in 2021   


AutumnGold offers beginning and advanced training classes for dogs and their owners. We use training methods that are positive, easy to learn, and fun for everyone! All of our classes are held in our indoor, fully-matted, clean, heated and air-conditioned facility. Each session includes Puppy, Basic Manners and Manners Plus classes. We also offer other advanced classes on a rotating basis. These include Clicker Tricks, K-9 Nose Work, Freestyle, Fun Agility, and More!

  • Beginner Classes


    Our 5-week puppy class guides owners though the early phases of puppy raising and training. Puppies enjoy valuable socialization and learning opportunities in a safe, comfortable and fun environment.

  • Puppy Classes

    Basic Manners

    AutumnGold’s 7-week Basic Manners course is offered for young adult dogs who have had little or no prior training and is designed to develop a well-mannered dog who behaves at home, when out in public, and when in the presence of other dogs and people.

  • Advanced Classes

    Manners Plus

    This class focuses on advanced manners training - behaviors to help you to exercise your dog's mind and his body. Students and their dogs have the opportunity to learn a variety of fun activities that they can easily enjoy at home with their dog, throughout his or her life!